Tabita Cargnel

Love taking pictures of you


After you found the suiting location place the model within 2-3m in front of the background and the photographer should be standing in the sun. That way, the model will be automatically facing to the light and the photographer uses the right light. If possible the camera settings should be set in the manual mode M. To let the background disappear a little and to put the person in the foreground, choose a little aperture - F 3.2 or even F 1.8 for example. The more distracting your background is, the smaller the number of the aperture should be. If it is a sunny day, ISO should be set on 200 and the exposure time should be adjusted accordingly (on the day we shot it was particularly bright, so 1/1600sec. was a good exposure time). Often the picture looks better when its a little bit too bright at first, but that could cause problems afterwards in the post production, because white spots don't have any structure anymore.

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