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New Shooting-Coupon

First five Coupons get 10% off!!

Do you still need a good christmas gift for your friend, sister, mother or daughter?

My new Shooting-Coupon is now available. It includes a small shooting (studio or outdoor) which takes about 90 minutes. Before we start, I’ll give make-up and styling-advices, then we’ll review what kind of pictures he or she likes for the shooting. At the end he or she will get about 150 raws (untouched pictures). Thereof he or she can choose 4 favourites to be edited within the following 7 days.

You don't have to be experienced in modeling or feel "photogenic". :-)

Of course you can also give away the coupon as a baby-, sisters- or couple shooting.

Price is the normal shooting price. The first five coupons get 10% off!!


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Sensational Shooting Results

Three completely different series (that means seventeen amazing final shots) result from our two hours shoot with Miri Be. This must have been the most productive photoshooting of my life.. see yourself that each one of them is needed to make the story completed, each photo is individual.

How could that happen? I'll try to answer this question below.

Here are three slideshows which display the different setups we chose.

Click here to see the original album -> Portrait Women / Miri I <-

Click here to see the original album -> Fashion / Body <-


Click here to see the original album -> Portrait Women / Miri II <-


So what made this two hours being so successful?

The model.

First of all, Miri Be is an amazing model. She knows well how to style herself matching in makeup, hairdo, cloths an finally the mood which should be created in the picture. Miri also brought masses of clothes so I even didn't know what to choose at first. We picked our favorites and started taking pictures. After each set, she checked her makeup and hair and modified it a little. She is vivid and experienced in posing so each photo looks different alone because of this. Finally (in my opinion) sympathy also plays an important role. Miri is an very openminded, uncomplicated and humorous person. The time with her was relaxing, we laughed a lot and I am sure we will meet again for another photo session. :)

The location.

We were on the top level of a parking garage which has also a huge staircase where the light falls in completely different. So we have indoor and outdoor. 

Then the park deck is divided into two levels (both in the open air), why I could choose various light situations and perspectives.

Miri Body

What we all need is a little luck. I as a photographer seem to have pretty much of that. The sun was perfectly shining, no clouds. The first photo was taken at 5pm, the last one at 7pm - that means perfect light for me. 

Miri II

So thats it. Now you know how to have the perfect photoshooting. :)

 -> find Miri Be on Facebook <-


Model Discovered!

Yesterday I had a surprisingly awesome Shooting. I knew that the model is very young but very good in posing. When I started taking photos and concentrating on putting her in the best light, I realized that she has so much more potential than I expected.

Here are first results, and there is more to come :)

If you want to know more about her, there is an interview below.


Hey Lea, how old are you and where are you from?

-"Hey, Im sixteen and I live in Dorsten near Recklinghausen"

So you still go to school?

-"Yes, I’m doing my Abitur right now"

What do you like to do after school hours?

-"I love playing basketball, so my favourite hobby is sports."

What is your favorite food?


How do you think about Germanys Next Topmodel?

-"I personally don’t have a good opinion of this show."

What do you think, characterizes a good model? 

- "A good model needs to be spontaneous and should always bounce back after defeats. I also think that a model shouln’t only be pretty, but be also intelligent.“ 

 How would you describe yourself in three words?

-"Ambitious, self-confident, loyal"

How come that you started modeling? 

-"Somebody suggested me to model and since then I liked the idea."

What is your next goal in the future? 

-"I’d like to do more catwalk jobs."

How tall are you? 


Wow, thats tall.. what do you like most at being a model? 

-"To be dressed nice and get cool make-up"

 At our shooting you put on your own make-up and also brought your own cloths.. but I hope you still enjoyed?

-"Yes, I really liked it because you took such great pictures." 

Oh thank you.. I’m exited to see you again! 



Series of the Week on FID.

Today is now the last day my lovely model Dalida decorates the FID. - Fotografie in Deutschland. Thank you all for voting!

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Publication on FID.

About a week ago FID -Fotografie in Deutschland- asked me to submit one of my favorite collections to their website. On this young and rising page, various Photographers are presenting their photos and I am very delighted that FID asked me be a part of their fabulous project.

Click on the link below and take a look for yourself



The new set "Beauty" is now completed and online. I still keep trying out different ways of photography and editing. So as I love simpleness and beauty, the new beauty portrait series evolved.

To see the whole story, click on the following link:


Enjoy my website :)

Hey, welcome! :)

Finally I finished my first website. My latest projects will be uploaded as soon the whole series is completely edited.

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