Tabita Cargnel

New Shooting-Coupon

First five Coupons get 10% off!!

Do you still need a good christmas gift for your friend, sister, mother or daughter?

My new Shooting-Coupon is now available. It includes a small shooting (studio or outdoor) which takes about 90 minutes. Before we start, I’ll give make-up and styling-advices, then we’ll review what kind of pictures he or she likes for the shooting. At the end he or she will get about 150 raws (untouched pictures). Thereof he or she can choose 4 favourites to be edited within the following 7 days.

You don't have to be experienced in modeling or feel "photogenic". :-)

Of course you can also give away the coupon as a baby-, sisters- or couple shooting.

Price is the normal shooting price. The first five coupons get 10% off!!


Feel free to contact me for more information: