Tabita Cargnel

loves taking pictures of you

Model Discovered!

Yesterday I had a surprisingly awesome Shooting. I knew that the model is very young but very good in posing. When I started taking photos and concentrating on putting her in the best light, I realized that she has so much more potential than I expected.

Here are first results, and there is more to come :)

If you want to know more about her, there is an interview below.


Hey Lea, how old are you and where are you from?

-"Hey, Im sixteen and I live in Dorsten near Recklinghausen"

So you still go to school?

-"Yes, I’m doing my Abitur right now"

What do you like to do after school hours?

-"I love playing basketball, so my favourite hobby is sports."

What is your favorite food?


How do you think about Germanys Next Topmodel?

-"I personally don’t have a good opinion of this show."

What do you think, characterizes a good model? 

- "A good model needs to be spontaneous and should always bounce back after defeats. I also think that a model shouln’t only be pretty, but be also intelligent.“ 

 How would you describe yourself in three words?

-"Ambitious, self-confident, loyal"

How come that you started modeling? 

-"Somebody suggested me to model and since then I liked the idea."

What is your next goal in the future? 

-"I’d like to do more catwalk jobs."

How tall are you? 


Wow, thats tall.. what do you like most at being a model? 

-"To be dressed nice and get cool make-up"

 At our shooting you put on your own make-up and also brought your own cloths.. but I hope you still enjoyed?

-"Yes, I really liked it because you took such great pictures." 

Oh thank you.. I’m exited to see you again!