Tabita Cargnel

loves taking pictures of you

Solo Exhibition in London  23.2.-7.3.

“I can’t understand why people are frightened of being all over the place.

Walking outside of the lines is the difference between existing and living.”

 Tabita Cargnel


Tabita Cargnel (*1993) is a German visual artist. Her recent works are comprised of abstract paintings as well as interactive installations, exploring the emotions associated with healing. Her work bridges the gap between art and technology to create honest and sometimes very literal pieces of work. The interdisciplinary exploration began in her childhood; she was classically trained as a musician before becoming known as a photographer. After studying architecture at the Technical University Darmstadt, a home of Bauhaus, she turned to robotics within an Interaction design Masters course at the Bartlett, University College London. 

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INSIDE THE HEAD. Acrylic on paper. 12 x 15 in

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